For Speakers

We are calling for Speakers! Join us at the Forum & Expo "Biomass: Fuel & Power" in Moscow, Russia.

Russia is one of the last countries in the world possessing land and water resources to expand production of grain and non-food biomass. Today, the Russian government grants significant money for innovation and industrial biotechnology is one of the agenda topics.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to reach out to Russian biofuel & biomass markets, and speak at the Forum & Expo: "Biomass: Fuel & Power". The previous event has gathered more than 200 senior executives from over 15 countries who discussed a variety of topics from feedstock to marketing of liquid and solid biofuels.

Submit your topic now, and prepare to engage Russian business which plans to develop first and second-generation biorefineries at the longest-running biofuel conference in Russia and neighboring countries.

For more information or to submit a topic, please visit or contact our team:

The Forum topics:

  • The state of the industry
  • Second-generation biofuels: progress in technology and development in Russia 
  • Potable alcohol plant: Grain processing and production of gluten, starches and glucose syrups 
  • Advance biofuels from non-food feedstock.
  • Pyrolysis & bio-oil: real option for Russia? 
  • Biomass gasification 
  • Oil industry position on biofuels and the oil industry expectations 
  • Fuel ethanol plant's economics: Dry-Mill vs. Wet-Mill, Energy Integration 
  • Regulatory and legal frameworks for fuel ethanol industry in Russia 
  • Generating Revenues From Co-Products (Distillers Grain and Carbon Dioxide) 
  • Ethanol Impact on Russia & CIS grain Supply and Demand. Will there be enough feedstock? 
  • Ukrainian and Kazakhstan Ethanol Market - Ready for Take-off? 
  • Solid biofuels: production and use in Russia. 
  • Pellets: production for export? Domestic market development. 
  • Panel discussion: Development of biofuels market in Russia and neighboring countries

Language of the event: Russian and English, with simultaneous translation. For more information or to submit abstract, please visit or contact our team: